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  • Do you remove dents on body lines?
    Yes, we can remove dents on body lines, and we do it often! Access behind the dent is key because we have to be able to get our specialized PDR tools behind the dent in order to repair it.
  • Can I bring my vehicle by for an estimate?
    We're 100% mobile, and do not have a shop for you to stop by for a dent repair estimate. So, it helps us out tremendously to see a video or photos of the damage so that we can get an idea of where the dent is located on the vehicle, where it's located on the panel (door, hood, trunk, etc.), the severity of the damage, the size of the dent, etc. Before you text us a video or photos, please give us a call so that we can discuss instructions and where to send the video or photos of your dent!
  • Is Paintless Dent Removal a permanent solution?
    Yes, once a dent has been removed with Paintless Dent Repair, it doesn’t return!
  • Do you report to Carfax?
    No, we are not required to report dents that we remove with the Paintless Dent Repair aka PDR method on your vehicle. The reason for this is, we're not repainting your vehicle, we're not replacing any original parts, and no body fillers are being used. We're able to work with the original paint and keep it intact. PDR is extremely valuable because we’re able to restore the value of your vehicle back to what it was prior to the damage.
  • Can a crease dent be repaired?
    Yes, creases can be repaired with Paintless Dent Removal. It does, however, take a level of skill to perform PDR well. It also takes more energy, time and effort to repair creases correctly. We’ve repaired creases on doors, hoods, liftgates, trunks, fenders, quarter panels, etc. with success. If you haven’t seen our YouTube channel that showcases our work in addition to what you see here on our website, visit our channel to see more of what we do!
  • Does the original paint finish on my vehicle stay intact with Paintless Dent Repair aka PDR?
    Yes, that's the beauty of having Paintless Dent Removal by a skilled technician! Your original vehicle's paint remains intact. There's no grinding or sanding or body fillers that you would get at a traditional body shop. We use specialized PDR tools to slowly work the metal back and forth in and around the dent restoring that area back to factory level specs.
  • Can door dings, dents, and creases on aluminum doors and hoods be repaired?
    We've had customers tell us that they were told Paintless Dent Removal couldn't be done on their aluminum door or hood, etc. The truth is, dents on aluminum are more difficult to repair, however it can be done, and we do it all the time. PDR is a great option for repairing dents, creases, door dings and hail on aluminum panels. Coastal Excellence Mobile Dent Repair has the skill and expertise to remove dents on various types of metals that vehicles are made of, including high strength steel.
  • Is every dent a good candidate for Paintless Dent Repair?
    Not every dent is a good candidate for PDR. There are many things we consider when assessing the damage on your vehicle. Where is the dent located on the vehicle? What kind of access will we have behind the dent? If there's no access, will glue pulling be a viable option? How stretched is the metal? Is the paint damaged? The best way to know if Paintless Dent Removal might be a good option for your vehicle’s dent is to call us so that we can discuss your specific situation.
  • How is your company different from a traditional body shop?
    We repair and remove dents using special PDR aka Paintless Dent Removal tools that allow us to push the dent out from behind the panel with hundreds and hundreds of pushes along with tapping down from the top side of the panel. At a body shop, they will grind off the paint, fill the dented area with a body filler, and then will repaint the panel, sometimes repainting other panels that weren’t damaged in order to blend the color the best they can. There's no repainting involved with PDR, no body fillers, so you get to keep your original paint finish intact, which is always best. And you don't have to drop your vehicle off at shop for days or weeks. With the PDR method done by Coastal Excellence Mobile Dent Repair, we're 100% mobile, so we'll come to your location to remove the damage at your home or place of business in a matter of hours or it might take us an entire day.
  • What is PDR?
    PDR is Paintless Dent Removal or Paintless Dent Repair which is a method for removing dents and dings on vehicles using specialized tools. It’s a superior repair compared to what a collision center provides because the original paint finish remains intact. There’s no grinding off the paint, filling it with a body filler, like you’d see with a traditional dent repair done at a body shop. Using PDR tools to strategically manipulate the metal back and forth, we’re able to restore the original shape before the accident or incident occurred. Sometimes a body shop is necessary for repairs, but if PDR is an option for your dent, then you should always go that route if you find a reputable PDR company with a skilled technician that cares about their work. Check out our before and after photos and videos!
  • What areas do you provide mobile dent repair services?
    We bring paintless dent repair to you from Destin to 30A. Areas where we provide mobile PDR services along the Emerald Coast include: Destin, FL, Destiny by the Sea, Destiny East, Holiday Isle, Indian Bayou, Kelly Plantation, Emerald Bay, Emerald Lakes, Regatta Bay, Miramar Beach, FL, Sandestin, The Village of Baytowne Wharf, Ft. Walton Beach, Santa Rosa Beach, FL, Niceville, FL, Bluewater Bay, Towns along 30A such as: Alys Beach, FL, Blue Mountain Beach, FL, Dune Allen, FL, Grayton Beach, FL, Gulf Place, FL, Inlet Beach, FL, Rosemary Beach, FL, Seacrest, FL, Seagrove Beach, FL, Seaside, FL, Watercolor, FL, Watersound, FL
  • Why choose Coastal Excellence Mobile Dent Repair?
    We truly care about what we do and how we treat people. We’re a local family owned and operated PDR business where high quality customer service experiences are a top priority! We’re honest, dependable, professional, skilled, friendly, licensed and insured, and we love what we do! Don’t just take it from us, check out what our customers have said about us on Google, Facebook, and other platforms. Many locals have become repeat customers and continue to call us time and time again with their personal vehicles, company vehicles, and their Turo rental cars. We’d love to be your go-to for Paintless Dent Removal on the Emerald Coast whether you live here or you’re just passing through!
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