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Paintless Dent Removal PDR tools used for removing door dings in cars for auto repair in Destin and along the Gulf Coast
PDR rods for pulling dents using the Paintless Dent Removal Repair method by Barton Corley in Miramar Beach FL and Destin


Paintless Dent Repair aka Paintless Dent Removal aka PDR is the process of removing dents with specialized rods used for pushing the dents from the back of the panel where the dent is located.  So, if a vehicle has a door ding on the driver’s side front door, then the rods are placed inside the door panel to push the dent from behind.  In some cases, it can take hundreds and hundreds of strategic pushes in just the right spots in order for the metal to move the right way.


Sometimes interior panels have to be removed and re-installed so that the PDR technician can have the best access to the dent.  Since Barton has over two decades experience in the Auto Body Industry, it’s amazing to watch him remove a panel and put it back in place!


In some cases where access behind the panel isn’t an option, then glue pulling is used.  Special glue and tabs are used to help pull the dent up from the front of the panel.  Tapping down and the use of a blending hammer are used from the front of the panel as well!  Oh, and we can’t forget about the special lights we use which allow us to better assess each dent!  Our lights help us analyze the area of impact as well as the surrounding area.


Each dent is different, and there are many factors involved in deciding the best approach to take for each repair!  How deep is the dent?  What’s the size of the dent?  Where is the dent located?  Is the dent easily accessible?  What material is the panel made of? (Don’t worry, we can figure this out!).


Years of experience and skill are put to use with each Paintless Dent Repair.  PDR is really a form of art!  This type of dent removal is used to keep the original factory paint finish intact.  Any time you can keep the original paint on your vehicle, the better.  The original paint is most durable, and whenever you have your vehicle repainted, you run the risk of the repaired area not matching the color of the rest of your vehicle.  Taking it to a body shop to have it repainted is not always the best option.  Sometimes in order to fix one dent, the body shop might have to paint multiple panels in order for the paint to match. Barton’s painted plenty of vehicles in his lifetime, so he knows that if a dent can be repaired without repainting…man, is that the way to go!  


Convenience is a big plus for everyone!  Since we are a mobile company, we come to you to fix the dents in just hours or less at your location.  We can work in the driveway or garage of your home or in the parking lot at your place of business. Now that’s service!


Well, how much does PDR cost? Everyone wants the cheapest price, but at the end of the day, what people really want is a quality repair!  If we don’t feel that we can make you happy, we won’t take the job!  Excellence Matters to us!


Whether you have a door ding caused by a shopping cart in a parking lot, or a dent caused by kids playing with a softball that somehow found the hood of your car, or maybe you’ve got a crease, or perhaps hail damage on your vehicle…the PDR method can really be a great solution!  


Send us some photos or a video of the damage, and we’ll see if this could be the best option for you.  

Contact us at Coastal Excellence Mobile Dent Repair today for an expert opinion! You'll be glad you did!

Glue pulling hail damage removing tools and PDR rods used by Barton Corley of Coastal Excellence Mobile Dent Repair in Destin
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